Top 7 Most Dangerous Cities In The United States



If you are considering a move to a different city and have not yet decided on a location, you’re undoubtedly interested in learning which U.S, cities have the highest crime rates. Although crime rates sometimes don’t tell the entire story, they can provide a good indication of whether a particular city might be a good fit for you. However, it is wise to keep in mind that crime in many cities is located within certain districts and that some areas of that city may be fairly safe. Following is a list of seven cities in the U.S. that feature the worst crime rates.

Detroit, Michigan

Detroit has topped the list of many high crime cities in recent years. Abandoned homes and buildings have given the criminal element a foothold in many of Detroit’s neighborhoods. With a low median income and a shrinking population, it may seem to some that hardly anyone’s left except for those who have nowhere else to go and the criminals who prey on them.

Oakland, California

Historically a problem city, Oakland remains a hotbed of gang violence and gun trafficking. The Oakland Police Department continues to look for ways to curb its growing crime rate.

St. Louis, Missouri

Although crime rates have decreased enough in St. Louis to bump it from its formerly-held number two spot on the list of America’s most dangerous cities, it continues to struggle with high crime amid significant the reductions in the city’s police force budget.

Memphis, Tennessee

With only 55 percent of the respondents in a recent Gallup poll stating that they felt safe in their city, Memphis now holds the number four spot on America’s list of crime-ridden large municipalities. The city’s economic disadvantages and high unemployment rate will probably combine to keep it near the top of the list.

Stockton, California

Fifth on the list, Stockton has recently filed for bankruptcy due to accruing substantial debt to the California Retirement System Fund. Essential city services such as fire and police protection have been slashed mercilessly in recent years. Even though employment rates in Stockton have decreased slightly recently, they remain very high at over 15 percent.

Birmingham, Alabama

The relatively low unemployment rate that Birmingham enjoys causes its high crime rate to come as a surprise. However, the median income level in that city remains low, and nearly a quarter of residents live at or below the national poverty line. Academics have been studying social conditions in Birmingham for several years looking for common threads to crime statistics.

Baltimore, Maryland

Recently names the “Heroin Capital of the United States” in an ABC news article, Baltimore differs from some of the other cities listed because of it’s relatively large police presence. Murders remain disproportionately high in Baltimore even though there is one police officer for every 211 residents. Even when incidents of other crimes dipped several years ago, Baltimore’s murder rate continued to rise.

If you are considering a job transfer or other employment opportunity in one of these cities or a different community with a similar crime rate, doing a little bit of homework on different neighborhoods will help you from making a poor relocation decision.


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    I still love the place Oakland, California even if there is a high crime rate in this place. Well I guess I just have to pray best that police department will do best to stop the crimes.

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