Scariest Haunted Houses Across The US

There are plenty of haunted houses all around the country “dying” to do the job for October thrill seekers. Here’s a list of six haunted houses that are sure to make brave visitors jump with ghoulish joy.

13th Gate Haunted House
832 Saint Phillip Street
Baton Rouge, La.
This haunted house is a journey through 13 rooms full of scary fun that’s not intended for those with weak hearts or bladders. If visitors have a worst nightmare, it will probably come true as they climb in the back of an old hearse and get lost in dark underground tunnels. Look out for that rickety bridge that spans a pit of live snakes that would make Indiana Jones cry out for his mommy.

Erebus Haunted Attraction
18 South Perry Street
Pontiac, Mich.
Some visitors to Erebus say the frights are enough to cause physical pain. This four-story structure has pathways that will scare even the bravest souls who dare to venture inside. The special effects are state-of-the-art and the make-up on the actors, if that’s indeed what they are, is top quality. Visitors will find their hearts beating fast as a moment of mild tension suddenly turns into full-blown chaos.

13th Floor Haunted House
2814 W. Bell Rd.
Phoenix, Ariz.
What creepy things might inhabit a secret 13th floor? This haunted house tried to answer that question by putting visitors in a place inhabited by creatures that usually hide from the world. However, for Halloween they’ll creep around this multi-level building and watch visitors from shadowy corners until it suits them to come out. There’s plenty of parking, and it might be best to rent a car for this visit. After all, visitors probably don’t want these creatures to get their license numbers.

The Beast Haunted House
1401 West 13th Street
Kansas City, Mo.
The Beast is a different kind of haunted house. It uses an open format, so visitors aren’t standing in line. Instead, they wander from scary scene to spooky room. It’s easy to get lost in the foggy werewolf forest that requires finding an exit in total darkness. There are the cobblestone streets of Jack the Ripper’s London to explore, and a scene that is all about thunder and lightning. Oh, and there’s a swamp full of alligators, and a deranged pirate who likes to chase visitors. People prone to nightmares and phobias should probably avoid this venue.

Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride
1835 Middletown Road
Glen Mills, Pa.
Not to worry, Norman Bates is a normal guy who just happens to be very close to his mother. He’s waiting for you to check in for some mayhem with all the special effects at the Bates Motel. Everything in this place comes alive, right down to the floorboards.

The Haunted Hayride has been terrifying visitors for over 20 years. It’s a ride through a dark forest at Arasapha Farm that is filled with 25 detailed sets manned by 75 actors. There’s a drive-through slaughterhouse, a spooky replica of a New England church and giant monsters that might never let visitors go.

Nightmare On The Bayou
1515 Studemont St.
Houston, Texas
This particular bayou is unusual because there are claims that it’s inhabited by real ghosts. What else should visitors expect from a haunted house attraction that is located next to Houston’s oldest cemetery? Well, there are zombies, dark mazes and a guy with a buzzing chainsaw who chases visitors, but don’t worry, he only catches the ones who can’t out run their friends.

There are many haunted attractions this time of year. If these attractions aren’t convenient for a night of spooks and zombies, there might be something almost as creepy close to home. If there’s not, just peek around the dark corner next to the cemetery, and look for the real thing.

-Brandon’s a travel writer working with Advantage

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    Pretty good list! Another one I would add would be Night of Terror. A few of my friends went the other night and said it had to be one of the best haunted houses here in NJ.

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