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Graffiti Art Destinations That Will Blow You Away Five of The Best Islands in Croatia 5 Ways To Experience The Eternal Rome 8 National Parks Worth Visiting Once In Your Lifetime 5 Awesome Neighborhoods in New York Spain’s Fabulous Balearic Islands Best Ski Resorts in Europe Top 10 Gay Destinations in the World A Calendar of Travel Events and Festivals – 12 Events in 12 Months Top 5 Travel Destinations for Stoners

Graffiti Art Destinations That Will Blow You Away

The pinnacle of urban art is undoubtedly found in graffiti – the art form is now considered as carrying bonafide cultural value, with talented graffiti artists colouring the world with unique works that you won’t find in your average art gallery. If you’re a budding graffiti artist and looking for a little inspiration or simply [...]

The very Best Croatian Island

Five of The Best Islands in Croatia

Tiny and secluded, verdant and traditional or trendy and glamorous, the islands of Europe have always been a magnet for tourists in search of an authentic beach holiday. Although not as famous as those of Italy or Spain, the Croatian coastline is peppered with dozens of glorious islands, from the rugged and remote to genuine [...]

5 Ways To Experience The Eternal Rome

Rome is undeniably one of the world’s greatest and most exhilarating metropolises with a myriad of things to do and see, with more history, art, legends and glory than any other city on Earth. With its dolce vita, grandiose ruins and overwhelming artistic legacy it’s no wonder Rome manages not only to make its locals [...]

8 National Parks Worth Visiting Once In Your Lifetime

The vast expanse of the 50 states harbors a total of 59 national parks. Each park contains unique scenery, campgrounds and hiking trails along with other recreation areas. Take a look at some of these unique locations in the United States Petrified Forest National Park-Arizona This park lies in the southwest in an area known [...]

5 Awesome Neighborhoods in New York

Probably the world’s greatest and most influential metropolis and certainly every photographer’s paradise, New York City shares its charm between dazzling skylines and arty neighborhoods, between dreams and harsh realities, between glamor and poverty.  It is a city with so many faces that it is almost impossible to put a stamp on it, and yet [...]

Spain’s Fabulous Balearic Islands

Miles of beautiful beaches with varied style and flavor, secret coves, balmy skies, spectacular scenery, vibrant nightlife, distinguish cuisine, fabulous culture and the sweetest laid-back atmosphere you’ve ever experienced – That’s what you get when you set your foot on the entrancing Balearic Islands. Often regarded as Spain’s most glamorous archipelago, the Balearics lie in the western [...]

Best Ski Resorts in Europe

Europe is at the heart of modern skiing, so it is no surprise that some of the best ski resorts in the world are found here. What many don’t realise is just how many European countries offer great skiing facilities, and that the best ski resorts are no longer confined to Austria, France and Switzerland. [...]

Top 10 Gay Destinations in the World

SPONSORED BY TWINK LOVE THE DESTINATION TO FIND TWINKS >  WWW.TWINKLOVE.CO.UK   While on the whole, the world is a much more amenable to gay visitors than it used to be, there are certain destinations where gays feel more comfortable and welcome than others. This article focuses on ten top destinations that aren’t just gay [...]

A Calendar of Travel Events and Festivals – 12 Events in 12 Months

Introduction The carnival in Rio de Janeiro has to be one of the most famous events on the world calendar, with people flocking from all corners of the globe to join in the celebrations. However, there are many other festivals which take place in countries in every continent throughout the year – here’s a calendar [...]

Stoner locations

Top 5 Travel Destinations for Stoners

The discerning Stoner travels the world these days. Looking out for the ultimate Stoner location. Some may say that a sofa and pizza delivery number are all that it takes to achieve Stoner Nirvana but today, the average Stoner likes to travel and get their kicks in varying locations across the planet. Glastonbury Festival   [...]

Top 7 Most Dangerous Cities In The United States

12 March 2014

    If you are considering a move to a different city and have not yet decided on a location, you’re undoubtedly interested in learning which U.S, cities have the highest crime rates. Although crime rates sometimes don’t tell the entire story, they can provide a good indication of whether a particular city might be [...]

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Crimea Travel Guide, Before its Too Late

06 March 2014

Crimea has been getting a lot of press lately, thanks to ongoing political turmoil between Ukraine and Russia. However, the peninsula jutting out into the northern black sea is so much more than what we hear on the news. It is a place that offers rare beauty in a region not necessarily considered a prime [...]

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Great Historic Sites to Visit Without the Crowds

27 January 2014

We live on an old planet and as such, there are some really interesting and fascinating places to see if you look closely enough. Of course, there are very popular historic sites established around the world but if you want to have a little historic moment of your own, follow these handy hints… The Coliseum [...]

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Five of The Most Beautiful Parks in Paris

15 January 2014

Paris is a city of many things, but beyond the world-famous museums, the iconic cafes and the romance that shrouds its mighty boulevards, the French capital boasts a wonderful variety of parks and gardens, where you can unwind and soak up the charming Parisian atmosphere. From vast expanses of green sprinkled with lakes, monuments and [...]

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Inspirational Things to do in Sharm el-Sheikh

10 December 2013

Egypt has been a destination of choice for European travellers since the 1920’s when the Cairo was a sophisticated city, attracting luminaries such as Agatha Christie. Since the 20’s, Egypt has caught the imagination of travellers as it offers a unique holiday at very reasonable cost. Hit the Beach As Sharm El Sheikh is situated [...]

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Scariest Haunted Houses Across The US

28 October 2013

There are plenty of haunted houses all around the country “dying” to do the job for October thrill seekers. Here’s a list of six haunted houses that are sure to make brave visitors jump with ghoulish joy. 13th Gate Haunted House 832 Saint Phillip Street Baton Rouge, La. This haunted house is a journey through [...]

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Things To See In Ireland Before You Die

23 October 2013

Ireland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and there are many reasons for that. It is regarded by the outside world as being a romanticised and magical land of ancient mystery, poetry and of course then there is the famous ‘craic’. Ireland is seen by many as a place to [...]

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London’s Best Green Spaces

23 October 2013

London is an exciting, busy, vibrant city but sometimes the noise and the crowds can get a bit too much. That’s when you need to make your way to one of the lovely green spaces in the Capital, where you could almost be in the middle of the countryside. We’ve rounded up five of the [...]

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Visiting the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

24 August 2013

The Great Barrier Reef – a World Heritage site that’s a living masterpiece so big it can actually be spotted from outer space. It’s hardly surprising this natural wonder is one of the most visited marine sites on the planet. Swimming, snorkelling, diving and sailing are just a few of the activities that make a [...]

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How to Find Travel Coupon Codes and Typical Savings Available

23 August 2013

Holidays can be expensive, but there are ways to save money if you are willing to plan ahead and put a little effort into your search. In this article we will explain how to find travel coupon codes online and the typical savings available. Coupon code websites There are hundreds, if not thousands, of coupon [...]

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